Immaculate Conception Shelter and Housing Corporation (now ImmaCare) is a powerful presence in Hartford. As its interim executive director in 2009, I saw the need to promote the organization to potential donors and produced this video.
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Homelessness in Hartford CT - Immaculate Conception Shelter and Housing Corporation
Known as a “wet” shelter, Immaculate Conception accepts homeless men who are actively using drugs or alcohol, and those with serious medical conditions or behavioral histories that make them unwelcome at other area shelters. Immaculate staff also meet regularly with men and women who have moved into supportive housing, in apartments throughout the city, to ensure their well-being. Currently, a modern fifty-unit supportive housing facility is home to chronically homeless and low income individuals in need.
The Common School is an independent elementary school in Amherst, Massachusetts, where children develop a deep love of learning and respect for individual differences. As a Common School parent and board member, I wanted to document its unique strengths and to record young alums’ reflections on their early education at the school.
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Emily Johnson and the Founding of the Common School
The origins of the Common School in Amherst, Massachusetts, date back to 1967. At that time, Emily Johnson, an innovative and progressive educator, launched an independent elementary school that inculcated a love of learning and a respect for different cultures and learning styles among its students. The Common School became a vibrant community of learners that thrives today. Over 100 students from ages 3 to 12, take part in joyful learning, based on Emily Johnson’s earliest ideas about educating children.
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A Love of Learning: Alumni Perspectives on The Common School
The Common School in Amherst, Massachusetts is a unique community of learners: a place where every child is known and appreciated as an individual and encouraged to develop a love of learning. Students learn to care for the world in which they live, to appreciate other cultures and to respect differences of all kinds.